Peak Imaging

Custom Reprints from Film


Superb professional quality custom made prints produced to any size or format up to 30 × 24. Images can be enlarged and cropped to your specific instructions with density, colour and contrast corrections. If you require a non-standard print size, then please select the price for the next standard size up. Remember to include cropping instructions with your order and also a sample or guide print if you require colour-matching. Remember also to add the appropriate custom print setup charge for the first print of each original image.

Please remember to select the following during the checkout process:

  • Quantity (Number of printed copies from each frame)
  • Number of Frames
  • Print Size
  • Paper Type

NOTE: Please also select your preferred delivery option at the end of the checkout process. The amount charged online for the delivery option plus the 1p charge per item will be your deposit for this service. Once your films are received, we will start to process your order and debit the outstanding payment from the original card details provided.

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