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online photo printing uk
online photo printing uk
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photo printing uk

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photo printing uk photo printing uk photo printing uk
photo printing uk photo printing uk photo printing uk
Peak Imaging has serviced the demands of the photographic industry for over 30 years and has become the laboratory of choice for many professional and enthusiast photographers across the UK and Europe. Based in Sheffield UK, we offer a range of traditional photographic services that are still going strong. E6 film processing and mounting, C41 film processing and printing and Black and White film processing in both 35mm and 120 format are the products on which we made our reputation. More recently, digital photo printing has become the vehicle by which we maintain our enviable position as one of the UK's leading imaging centres.

Online digital photo printing may be the high volume demand of modern times but we have not forgotten our roots and the same, all important care, skill and experience are employed throughout the laboratory today as they were three decades ago.

True photographic prints are employed in products such as canvas wraps (Canvatex), acrylic displays, photo books and traditional frames and we can now produce Giclée Prints on Photo and Fine Art papers, creating artwork with incredible colour and detail.

Printing photographs from film or digital media has never been as direct or accurate as we use the very latest in digital photo printing technology from both Fuji and Durst, international leaders in the industry. Our online digital photo printing software is available here.

Whether you are just starting out in the world of photography are a keen amateur or professional photographer, Peak Imaging can help you in your day to day needs for quality of service and product, and after sales support.

Latest Reviews

I've just spent a fun filled 15 minutes carefully unwrapping the print (I have to re-use it). Amazing packaging.

The print is every bit as good as I had hoped. Colour depth, tonality and details are just wonderful, especially as I didn't even soft proof the image before sending it. The print is much much better than those produced by my previous printer.

I don't often have occasion to print images but now I have seen what a real print service can achieve, I will definitely be using your service again and again....

I think it's fair to say I have found my printer of choice. Excellent work and your customer support if first class.  I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks very much indeed.
Bill Barraclough More testimonials
Prints, Products & Services

Black and white film processing
Box Frames (Inset Frames)
C41 film processing
Canvas Wraps (Canvatex)
Canvatex 45
Clear Vision Acrylic
Desktop Acrylics
Digital photo printing from media (C-Type)
E6 film processing / process and mount
Framed prints
FujiFlex Super High Gloss prints
Giclée Prints
Lomo Holga or Diana film processing and/or printing
Mounting and Print Finishing
Mouse Mats
Old Film Rescue Service
Online digital photo printing
Peak Roller Banner Display
Photo books (LifeBooks)
Reprints and Enlargements from film (35mm)
Reprints and Enlargements from film (120 & 5x4)
Reprints and Enlargements from film (XPan)
Scanning and Archiving (Custom)
Scanning and Archiving (Selective)
Studio Block
Tryptich Canvas (Canvatex)


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