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Prints and products from your PC or MAC

To familiarise yourself with the way the software works,
please feel free to try our software without placing an order.

Click on the relevant link below to launch our software.
Satin Matt /
Gloss prints
Fuji Crystal Archive Paper

Satin Matt

The paper is coated with a fine stippled finish and gives a very natural photographic result with subtle colour. A more subdued and easier handled paper, more tolerant to finger prints. Ideal for wedding, portait and exhibition prints.

A smooth and glossy paper, which accentuates the colour to give a punchy, rich feel. Ideal for high impact images.
Metallic prints

Kodak Endura Metallic Paper

A visually striking paper with a rich metallic base. The colours have a reflective, metallic and 3-dimensional look to them.

Fujiflex High
Gloss Prints


A durable polyester based print material, with a similar look and feel to Cibachrome prints. With a warm base colour and an ultra high gloss finish, giving vividly rich colours.

Canvas Wraps

An archival photographic print is wrap-mounted around a solid MDF panel and laminated with your choice of laminate to create a display block.

See the links below for more details.

Canvatex 45
Custom Sized,
Framed Prints
Now includes Giclée prints
which are ideal for photographic, illustration or painting reproductions.

For those who size, sharpen and correct their images prior to upload.

Allows the ordering of mixed print media and includes mounting and framing options.
Submit images for another product
Use if your requirements cannot be fulfilled by our standard software.

Upload your image(s) and tell us which product(s) you require.

If you're unsure about the price, product or result you're searching for, use the Image Uploader and talk to us via email

or phone
(0114 224 3207).

Helpful Information - Please read...
The following information will assist you in placing your first order and is relevant to our Express, Metallic & Fujiflex software.

Unique Session ID

IMPORTANT - Your Unique Session ID - Peak Online
Once you launch the software, the address bar will indicate your session ID, for example...

If you bookmark this link, or copy and paste this for later reference, if at any point during the upload of your order, you experience internet connection issues, you can paste this back in to the address bar. Any images you uploaded previously before any difficulties occured, will remain on the system. You can check which images are currently on the system by clicking on "choose preferences".

File Types / Upload Time
Our software will accept JPG, TIF, PNG or ZIP files. Unlike our previous application, your images are now transferred without any compression. Colour profiles are maintained, which is crucial for accurate colour matching and vibrant prints. Therefor a typical 4Mb physical file will take approx 2 minutes to upload (depending on your internet connection). We strongly recommend against submitting TIF files as these are large and will take a much longer time to upload. We would advise re-saving TIF files as JPG's at the highest quality.
Global preferences
If you upload five or more images and click "Advanced View", you can configure the details for your whole order. This is useful if you require prints of the same size, paper surface etc.
Selecting a print size
Images come in many different sizes and formats. Ideally a print size should be chosen that matches the format of the image (to avoid cropping. Our software will indicate (in bold) which print sizes best fit the format of your image. Choosing a print size not listed in bold will incur cropping or borders - see Cropping below...
There are two distinct ways we can deal with the format / cropping of your images before printing - "Fit In" and "Fill Out " (default).
It is important that you click the small thumbnail preview image (to display a larger preview) so that you can see how the image will crop when printed to the chosen print size. If the image is cropped too much, try selecting the "Fit in" option. This will result in white borders on two sides of the print, but the full image will be visible.

The default setting within the software is Auto Correction. Auto correction is an advanced filter that examines your images individually and corrects them if necessary, for poor lighting, contrast, and colour. Auto Correction with sharpening will apply sharpening to your image before printing. Do not use this option if you have already sharpened your images. Other options are described below.

Do Not Optimise
Only use if you have calibrated your monitor to our printing system. Images are printed without correction. The preview image will not change. See our Monitor Calibration guide for more information.

Lab Optimisation
Your image is assessed and corrected, if necessary, by our skilled technicians. The preview image will not change.

Black and White / Sepia Tone
Your image is converted to gray scale and a black & white / sepia tone contrast curve is applied.
Ordering non-standard print sizes
If you require a print size that isn't listed within the software, please select the nearest size possible (ignore the cropping display) and within the special instructions field (on the order confirmation screen) state the print size you require. Please note - although the special instructions field may appear restrictive, it does allow you to input detailed instructions of up to 700 characters.
Ordering Photographic Products / Mounted Prints
If you require a photographic product or a finished product, please select the size required from the drop-down list and within the special instructions field state the filename / size / product / finish that you require. We will amend the order and charge an extra payment, once received.
Multi-part Ordering
If you require a mix of different paper surfaces / print sizes or you have a large number of images, that you'd like to upload in batches, rather than in one upload. Launch the software by clicking on the icon above, upload and select the options for your images. At the delivery options screen, select "Multi-part order" and complete. Repeat this process as necessary. At the delivery options screen for the final part of your order, select the delivery options for the whole order. We will then combine your multi-part order and dispatch together.