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Film Processing E6, C41 and Black &White
Peak Imaging are renowned as the
UK's no1 Film Processing Laboratory

Film processing is the first and the most critical element in creating high-quality images. For reliability and consistency we use Refrema processing machinery, operated and monitored by skilled technicians using the Fuji Oasis Pro quality control system.  A manufacturer's control strip is placed with each batch of film processed and this is carefully analysed and plotted against a master strip supplied by the film manufacturer.

Our naturally soft water helps eliminate drying marks and the use of hangers rather than rollers ensures a scratch-free environment.  That’s why top photographers throughout the UK send their films to Peak Imaging.

Further information regarding our Film Processing can be found at the bottom of this page.

Same day return
Supplied in high-quality
professional sleeves
Supplied in high-quality
plastic mounts (E6 Only)
Film Processing Discounts
Send in 5 or more rolls
35mm 24 exp.
+2.80 (7.60)
for processing and save!
35mm 36 exp.
+3.35 (8.50)
5 - 9 rolls : 5% off
120 roll film
10 - 24 rolls : 10% off
220 roll film
25+ rolls : 15% off
5x4 sheet film
Discounts are not applicable to
10x8 sheet film
Process & Scan to CD or Proof Sheets
*We can only process 10x8 E6 or C41 colour sheet film (not black & white).
Film speed changes and cross-processing
Add £1.25 per film and allow one extra day in lab.
Clip tests
If requested, we can conduct a clip test on your unprocessed film to help eliminate the possibility of problems when processing. Please add £2.15 per film for these tests, and allow one extra day in lab.
The film type and any special processing instructions must be clearly marked on your order sheet and on the outside of the film container. This is of particular importance when using sheet film or re-loadable cassettes. When film is cut from bulk stock please make sure that the film is cut to the exact length or shorter as over-long film can foul the automatic machinery.
If you submit 15 rolls or more for process & mount, please add £8.05 to the order to cover the additional postage costs (over 2kg in weight). The discounted £2.00 (single film - process only) postage charge is not applicable if you require your film uncut.
Proof Sheets
Numbered 12 x 10 proof sheet produced from negatives, transparencies or digital images at the time of processing.
Not available from panoramic film.
35mm & 120 roll film
5x4 sheet film
5.20 (4 on)
5.20 (30 images per sheet)
Film Processing Discounts
Send in five or more rolls of film for processing and save!
5 - 9 rolls : 5% off
10 - 24 rolls : 10% off
25 or more rolls : 15% off
Non Standard Film
We can also process 127, 126, 110 and a selection of obselete film including Kodachrome and C-22.  Click here for details.
E6 Process for Colour Transparency Films
We process all makes of 35mm, 120 and 5x4 E6 process colour transparency film, however we can only process Kodachrome via our black and white process. 

Speed Changes
For the best possible results you should always use the manufacturers recommended speed rating.  However for a small extra charge we can up-rate (increase speed) by up to 3 stops or down-rate (decrease speed) by a maximum of one stop.
Please note that speed changes are carried out at the customer's risk and there may be some loss in quality on film processed with a speed change of more than one stop. If you wish to make use of this facility, please ensure that you mark your films and order carefully with unambiguous instructions.
C41 Process for Colour Negative and Specialist Black & White Films
We process all makes of 35mm, 120 and 5x4 C41 process colour negative and black & white specialist process films. All C41 process films are supplied in high quality clear sleeves.
XTOL Process for Black & White Films
We process all makes of black & white process films using Kodak X-Tol developer. All X-Tol process films are supplied in high quality clear sleeves.